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Mission Statement

MHET is a California non-profit association dedicated to promoting mobilehome parks and the manufactured housing community industry through, the education of its members, community leaders, manufactured home owners and the public about mobilehome parks and manufactured housing community issues. MHET acts as a resource to provide vision and protect property rights, and leads in the resolution of public policy issues affecting mobile home communities.

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The Orange County Assistance Program provides monthly rent subsidies to qualified mobile home owners living in mobilehome parks.

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Breakfast Forum
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What to Consider When Purchasing or Selling a Mobile Home Park/Manufactured Housing Community

Whether you own one or a dozen mobile home parks you may well be looking to purchase another Park. Or, you may be considering selling your Park. And, as we learned at the June Forum presentation, mobile home parks are selling for very impressive prices! Whether a buyer or a seller of a California Park, you will face some challenges and many decisions. During due diligence, you or your buyer will determine how the park has been managed, learn about local rent control laws that impact the business, evaluate the condition of the Park, the demographics of the residents and, of course, the rental rates whether it is significantly below market or not along with much more. As a buyer, you will also need to calculate the impact of the property tax adjustment, which will significantly increase the expenses if the property has been under one ownership for years. Are there things you can do as a seller to better position your Park to sell? As a buyer, how will you manage bringing rents to market and dealing with the property tax increase? How does rent control impact the value of a Park? And, on and on! We have asked attorney Richard Close to help identify and address the issue to consider when selling or buying a mobile home community in California.

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Service and Industry Guide

MHET publishes a guide of industry experts who provide a wide rage of services to the mobile home and manufactured housing industry. MHET’s Service and Industry Guide includes law firms, management companies, engineers, and many other professionals.

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Interested in Managing a Mobile Home Park or Manufactured Housing Community?

MHET provides its members with resumes of people interested in managing mobile home parks communities. To submit a resume for consideration contact us.

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Visit our Blog
California Mobile Home News

Our blog shares information of interest to people who live and work in mobile home park communities in California and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about mobile home living.

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2018 MHET
Golf Tournament

Marbella Golf and Country Club
San Juan Capistrano

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Monday, October 1, 2018

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