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Thursday, Jun 13, 2024

Are you ready for inspection?

Have you seen a Notice of Planned Inspection flyer posted in your park office? If so, then the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) will be conducting an inspection at your mobile home park! Here is some quick information regarding what you can expect from the inspection, and what you can do to prepare:

Keep an eye out for the HCD inspector – The inspector will be wearing an HCD vest and identification badge. They will examine the common areas of the park and individual lots. They may enter your lot, but they will not enter your home without your permission. Inspectors will only request permission to enter if the outside of your home suggests potential safety hazards inside.

Remove any obstacles for the inspection – The inspector will need easy access to examine the landing, stairs, and deck to your mobile home. If you have a shed, remove any large obstacles that may restrict access so the inspector can see that it is structurally sound. Keep all animals indoors for both their and the inspector’s safety.

Keep your lot clean – Remove any garbage or combustible debris from your lot, like paper, boxes, and scrap wood. These are avoidable fire and safety hazards and could be flagged as violations.

 Make sure all doorways are accessible – No doors leading to the exterior of your mobile home should be padlocked or blocked by furniture, and all stairs and landings should be free of damage. Obstructing an entry/exit on the exterior of your mobile home is a safety hazard.

Check your own home before the inspection – All awnings, carports, decks, and porches should be properly supported. Any damage to structural support needs to be addressed. Your home skirting should not have decay or deterioration.

Fix any electrical hazards – Any cables and conductors for electrical wiring outside must be weather proof. Power cords cannot be damaged and there should only be one. There shouldn’t be any electrical appliances outside unless they are inside a weather proof structure with adequate wiring.

The inspections are to ensure that both the park owner and the mobile home park residents are maintaining their properties at the minimum safety requirements of the state. For more detailed information about what to expect from an inspection, visit and download the Resident Information Booklet. The HCD inspector will also mail a copy of the booklet to you at least 30 days prior to the inspection.