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Tuesday, Jul 23, 2024

Door to Door Soliciting and Public Meetings in Your Community

Mobile home and manufactured housing communities are close knit neighborhoods.  Park residents enjoy their neighbors, but also their privacy.  All parks have rules and regulations that provide guidelines and policies that are designed to protect the community’s lifestyle and the residents’ quality of life. 

The park’s rules, regulations and guidelines address many issues including pets, lot maintenance, speed limits, the use of common area facilities and soliciting door to door in the park, as a few examples.  If  you have misplaced your copy of your community’s rules and regulations be sure to ask the park manager for another copy.  Everyone, including the community’s management and all residents, understands how important it is to respect and follow the community guidelines (rules and regulations). 

The clubhouse is for the use of the residents and is not designed to be used as a public meeting hall where the general public is invited.  This is primarily due to limited parking and other building restrictions.  Most park managers require residents to schedule events in the clubhouse and a calendar is kept so that all residents are informed about the clubhouse use.  Be sure to be aware of how your park manages the use of the common area facilities. 

If you belong to a group that is looking for a meeting location, or if you are approached by a group that asks to hold public meetings in your clubhouse, the better option is to utilize public facilities provided by the city in which you live.