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Monday, Jul 22, 2024

FAQ June 2024

Q: Can the park owner require a deposit or fee for use of the clubhouse by the homeowner’s association?

A: No, however there are certain exceptions. The MRL provides that a park rental agreement or rule or regulation shall not deny a homeowner or resident the right to hold meetings for a lawful purpose in the clubhouse at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner, when the facility is not otherwise in use. (Civil Code §798.51(a)(1))

Homeowners or residents may not be charged a cleaning deposit or require liability insurance in order to use the clubhouse for meetings relating to mobilehome living or for social or educational purposes and to which all homeowners are allowed to attend. (Civil Code §798.51(b)) However, the park may require a liability insurance binder when alcoholic beverages are served. (Civil Code §798.51(c)) If a homeowner reserves the clubhouse for a private function to which all park residents are not invited, the park could charge a fee or deposit.


  • No fee may be charged for homeowner functions.
  • A liability insurance fee may be charged if alcohol is served.
  • A fee may be charged for private parties.

Source: California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD)