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Tuesday, Jul 23, 2024

Fire Season Means Fire Safety

It’s still summer! And the warmer weather in California also means wildfire season. Given that the fires seem to last longer and cause more damage each year, now is a great time for a reminder on some basic fire safety.

Smoke Alarms – Install smoke alarms if you don’t have them and check that those you do have are working. Make sure you have good batteries in the alarms and consider also getting carbon monoxide alarms in sleeping areas. There are many options under $20 and they can make a life-saving difference.

Gather dry brush and debris on your property – While it may just seem like dead, dried out leaves and brush around your home is just an eyesore, they can also be a fire risk. Clearing them out can make your space look nicer and reduce hazards.

Always be careful with flammables – There are so many easy ways to start an unintentional fire in your home. Unattended candles, hot plates, and even flammable materials too close to the stove, like a dishrag. It is always good practice to carefully supervise any flame or heating elements when in use, and always be sure they are completely off or extinguished after use.

Get a fire extinguisher and know how to use it – proper use of a fire extinguisher can keep a sudden flame from becoming a raging fire. There are several types of extinguishers for different types of fires, but the most common type recommended for homes are called A-B-C extinguishers. Experts recommend having them throughout your home and strategically placed in areas more likely to have fires, like the kitchen.

Learn more from local fire experts – Many fire departments offer classes and services to help you stay safe and prepared. Try contacting your local fire department to see if they offer community outreach or training.