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Monday, Jul 22, 2024

Gift Card Scam

This scam is very simple, burglars claiming to be from a local store call to tell you that you’ve just won a gift card, and you must come into the store to pick it up.

Burglary: This scam is set up to get you out of the house so the robbers can carry out a break-in while you are gone picking up your “Prize”

Protect yourself: This simple trick works because it catches you by surprise. Always be suspicious when someone promises you something for nothing. The Better Business Bureau, which first warned about this scam, advises “winners” to ask questions: What contest did I win? How was I chosen? Call the store to independently confirm the details. After you determine that it’s a scam, notify the police. And take extra precautions to lock up your house, set your alarms, and protect valuables when you do leave, since burglars have clearly targeted your home.