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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Save Money on Utilities with Synergy

Did you know that there is a company that will help you save on your electric and gas utility costs?  SYNERGY is an Energy and Water Efficiency Contractor that works with homeowners on heating, cooling, water heaters, and insulation.

SYNERGY is an authorized service provider for Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Comprehensive Manufactured Housing Program. What this program does is inspect a home’s air conditioning system and optimizes it. An optimized air conditioning system will run more efficiently, being able to keep your home comfortable even during hot summer days. Ultimately, this will lead to a reduction in cost for the homeowner!

Another way that Synergy can help to keep costs down is with its No Cost Services. They are a sub-contractor for both major and minor utility companies in the state of California. This means that many California residents can participate in utility funded programs for a partial and/or complete fee coverage.  It is worth a call to find out how SYNERGY COMPANIES can help you as a mobile home owner. 


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