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Monday, Jul 22, 2024

Summer Pool Safety

With school out of session across California, this marks the start of summer! As we transition into warmer weather, everyone will be hoping to take a dip in the pool. In order to keep swimming safe for all, here are a few guidelines to follow while at the pool:

Supervise Children. Children should always be accompanied by a trusted adult when they are in or around water. This trusted adult, the Water Watcher, should make it their primary responsibility to actively watch their children without distractions (i.e. no reading, texting, visiting, etc.).

Learn to Swim. In addition to being a fun activity, the ability to swim is a life skill. It’s always a good idea to enroll children in swimming lessons as soon as possible. There are many affordable options for this as well; your local YMCA, USA Swimming chapter, and Parks and Recreation Department typically offer free or reduced-cost lessons!

Teach Children to Avoid Drains. Pool drains’ job is to suck water into it and lead it through filtration. This powerful suction however, can be dangerous, sucking up hair, jewelry, or even parts of your swimwear. Because of this, it is important to teach children not to play by these areas. It is also good to check where the emergency shutoff for the drains is before getting into the water.

Become CPR certified. Those in the immediate vicinity will often be the first to respond in a dire situation. Knowing CPR can help save the life of a drowning victim and can make a huge difference. CPR training is available at many hospitals, community centers, and the American Red Cross. Also note that certifications expire, so it is important to keep them current and up-to-date.

Source: Pool Safely