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Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

Tips For Keeping Your Mobile Home Warm This Winter

Keeping your mobile home warm in the colder season is a must, especially because some  mobile homes do not have the same ability to insulate temperature as well as other types of homes. Plus, you can be saving on your heating bills if you keep certain things around your mobile home in check.

  • Add window treatments: Shades and draperies can let the sunshine in during the day and shut out the cool air at night. Solar shades and thermal-lined draperies are more costly, but offer more insulation.
  • Repair your windows: Make sure none of your windows are cracked or broken, and get them repaired if they are broken.
  • Install draft stoppers: Buy or make these devices that keep cold outside air from coming in beneath your doors. Roll up a towel or blanket and stuff it into that space to prevent drafts.
  • Get some rugs: Rugs can help insulate the floor by keeping cold air trapped underneath them. They’re also cozy and decorative!
  • Keep your vents cleared: Make sure none of your furniture is covering or blocking any of the heating vents in your mobile home.
  • Examine your outlets: Cracked electrical outlets can allow heat to escape from your home. Turn of your electricity, remove the electrical plate, and reseal the inside with caulk.
  • Take advantage of oven heat: Leave your oven door open after you are finished using it.
  • Maintain your filter: Change your furnace filter regularly.
  • Enjoy hot drinks more often: Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate can go a long way in making you feel warm and cozy.