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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Blood Clots: A little swelling in one leg can be a sign of a BIG issue

Blood clots can form in your legs for many reasons including, prolonged bed rest, limited movement, hospitalization, or injury. Whatever the reason they are always dangerous.

A few signs of a blood clot are chronic pain and persistent swelling. If you are experiencing either of these symptoms contact a doctor immediately. When blood clots are caught early they can be treated with medication fairly easily. If the symptoms are ignored the clot could end up dislodging and traveling up the bloodstream to the lungs causing a Pulmonary Embolism (PE), which can be fatal. The warning signs of PE are shortness of breath and sharp pains on deep breaths.

Stay active, maintain a healthy diet and see a doctor regularly. These are all ways that can help you prevent and catch blood clots before the turn deadly.

REMEMBER: If you are flying attempt to get up and walk around at least once every hour of flight time. If you are unable to get up here are a few leg exercises you can do while seated. For a longer list visit

Exercise #1: Leg Lifts

Sit on your seat. Close your feet. Now pull your knees up and then down without touching the floor with your feet. Up, down… Repeat at least 8 times! This is great for your abs

Exercise #2: Stand on fists

Make fists with your hands and place them next to you close to your knees. Push your weight forward, and then pull yourself up. Your feet are off the ground and your butt is off the seat. Hold this position for 20 sec!

Exercise #3: Circles

Sitting on your seat, lift your knees like in the previous exercise and do circles without your feet touching the floor. Repeat at least 8 times, and then do it again circling your knees in the other direction.