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Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

Enjoying Christmas and the Holidays on a Budget

There are fun, festive, and inexpensive ways to celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season that are enjoyable and affordable.  Here are some suggestions to make your holidays bright.

• Host a Gift Exchange  There are various gift exchange ideas like “regifting” something that you have received but never used or setting a spending limit for the gift exchange.  Names can be drawn and assigned so that everyone is bringing one gift, or numbers can be drawn when everyone is gathered with the gifts they have brought and a game of “stealing the gift” is fun for all ages.  Everyone draws a number and takes a turn choosing a gift in the order of the number they have.  If they want to take a gift that is already opened, they may “steal” the gift and the person can open a new gift or take another gift that has been opened.  After a gift is in the hands of the third “owner”, it can no longer be chosen.

• Host a Cookie Exchange or Cookie Decorating Party Invite guests to bring at least three dozen of their favorite cookies and invite everyone to enjoy the samples.  Don’t forget to have colorful bags or containers to send cookie samples home with everyone.  Another twist is having a cooking decorating party.  You can supply the dough or ask people to bring dough and you provide the decorating items like sprinkles, candies or icing

• Spend an evening visiting neighborhoods with special holiday lighting and decorations.  It may take a little research on which areas to visit, but it makes for a fun and enjoyable family outing. 

• Go window shopping at a local mall and while you are there, visit Santa for a photo! 

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” 

~ The Grinch