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Thursday, May 30, 2024

No Good Deed Goes Un-Noticed

There are stories littering the news about “Terrible, Horrible, Money Hungry Park Owners”. Although there may be some owners out there who seem to not be living up to their responsibilities 99.9% of them are, and there are many who are going above and beyond. Their good deeds have been done with no desire for recognition or a pat on the back, but we think it is time to bring them to light. To show everyone the truth about park owners we have created a new column where we will be featuring the stories of Park Owners who have gone above and beyond to make life a little easier for those living in their parks.


“There is a woman in our community who is in her 70’s and has lived in the park for well over 40 years. We all know that she does not have a lot of money and her home has been slowly deteriorating. Our park owner along with Fleetwood homes and Maple Ridge Homes, have all pitched in to fix-up her home. She now walks around smiling because she knows that her home will remain standing and beautiful”

“I was recently diagnosed with cancer, started chemo and require a feeding tube. I make very little money and the extra I do have is going toward my treatments. The park owner paid to have my home and carpets cleaned so when I returned I would be coming home to a clean and sanitary environment. I cannot thank her enough”

These stories were both submitted by people who have requested to remain anonymous. If you have a story to share please feel free to send it into us via mail, or e-mail ( We could all use a little more positivity!