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Friday, May 24, 2024

How to Read Your Water Meter

Knowing how to read your water meter correctly can help you to, not only know if you are being billed correctly, but it can also help you catch a leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

The average water meter is located between your home and the street, many are under cement covers on the ground. The best way to remove the cover is to lift it up with a screw driver. It reads straight across much like your car odometer. The numbers you want to be reading appear in white (Reference the below picture)

  1. The Low-Flow Indicator- this spins when water is flowing through the meter
  2. Sweep Hand- For each full revolution of the sweep hand one cubic foot of water or 7.48 gallons has passed through the meter. The smaller markings on the face of the meter indicate tenths and hundredths of a cubic foot.
  3. Meter Register- These numbers keep a running total of all the water that has passed through the meter.

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