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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Insurance Coverage on Mobile Homes – An Update

Mobile home owners are having a difficult time finding insurance coverage due to insurance carriers leaving the State. The California Fair Plan (CFP) is an alternative that provides insurance coverage for mobile homes when traditional insurance is not available. The CFP does not replace traditional insurers, it is a State ran insurance program designed for homes in fire areas that are unable to obtain insurance coverage, or have policies cancelled because of high fire risk.

Additionally, the CFP is offering fire insurance coverage to pre-1985 mobile homes. Although it only provides fire coverage, it is a temporary solution for older homes until new insurance carriers are available. For further coverage in addition to fire, the CFP works with the California Department of Insurance (CDI) to provide full coverage for greater risks disasters such as wind, hail, theft, etcetera. With the CFP and CDI, pre-1985 mobile home owners in California have a sustainable option for coverage. Insurance rates are increasing, consequently, if your existing insurance provider renews your insurance at a higher rate, it is advisable to renew and pay the higher rate because replacement insurance is hard o obtain.

For more insurance information you may contact these resources:
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