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Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024

Insuring your Mobile Home

If you live in a Mobile, Modular or Manufactured home and do not have insurance up to the replacement value of your home, change your policy today. Like it or not your home is considered Real property not personal property, which is what a stick built home is considered. This means that the minute your home leaves the factory it was built in it begins to depreciate in value.

In the search for the cheapest insurance many people do not realize that they are cheating themselves out of the coverage they need, and inadvertently putting themselves at risk of becoming homeless should a disaster occur. If there was a fire, earthquake, mudslide or flood how much money would you get from your insurance company for the repairs? Does your insurance policy even cover these types of events? Call your provider today and make sure that 1. Your policy provides these protections 2. Your policy covers the replacement cost of your home.

When your policy covers the replacement cost of your home, it does not matter how old your current home is. Should disaster strike you could get a new home! Don’t risk having to live in a home torn apart by fire, flood, mudslide or earthquake. Cover your home for the full replacement value and add some security to your investment.