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Tuesday, Jun 18, 2024

It is Necessary to Update Park Rules from Time to Time

When a prospective resident applies for residency in a manufactured housing community, they are provided with information about the park. One of the most important documents that every prospective and current park resident receives and should keep for future reference is the community park rules and regulations. From time to time the rules need to be updated to comply with changes in the laws or other changing circumstances. The FAQ in this month’s newsletter addresses how the rules may be changed, which includes holding a meeting with the residents of the park.

It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with park’s rules and for the park management to manage the enforcement of the rules. If a park resident fails to comply with a rule and, as an example, does not maintain the landscaping on their lot, park management can serve a seven-day notice to comply or be charged by management for the cost of cleaning up the lot.