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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024

Mobile Home Taxation Exemptions For Military Personnel

If you reside in a Mobile Home park and are either Active Duty Military personnel or a Disabled Veteran and you are struggling to pay your property
taxes there are a few exemptions in California that might help.

  • Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act of 1940
    • Who : If you are Active Duty military personnel stationed in California, and you own the mobile home you are residing in and that home does not have a permanent foundation this exemption applies to you.
    • What: If you can claim residency in your home state (outside of California) your home would be immune from property taxation in California.
    • How: You must fill out form BOE-261-D also known as Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act Declaration.
  • Disabled Veterans Exemption
    • Who: Any blind or otherwise disabled veteran or the veteran’s unmarried spouse, who owns and resides in a mobile home in California.
    • What: The first $100,000-$150,000 of the manufactured home’s full value may be exempt depending on the degree of disability and annual income of the veteran. If you pay a Vehicle License Fee (VLF) on your home rather than property taxes the first $20,000-$30,000 of the homes market value may be exempted from the VLF.
    • How: Fill out form BOE-261-G and contact your local Assessors office for an appeal.

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