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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024

Rents Differ from Park to Park

No two mobile home parks are the same and it is common for rents to vary widely from park to park – even if they appear to be similar – they are not.  The amount of rent charged depends on numerous factors including the age of the park, maintenance  costs, the tenancy (senior vs. all age), the location, and the term of the ownership (expenses such as property taxes vary depending when the park was purchased or built).  Various other things impact the cost of running a mobile home park – including the cost of insurance.  Parks that have been sued by the tenants of the park are burdened with higher insurance rates, which increase the cost of operating the park.  It’s fairly straightforward – a mobile home park is a business and like other privately owned businesses in America – the goal is to make a profit.  The “product” offered by a mobile home park business owner is the rental of a piece of land and, along with the rental of the land, comes a variety of “services” that are part of the cost of renting the land.  The services provided in the rent charged in mobile home parks include the maintenance of the infrastructure (such as streets, utilities systems, buildings, common area landscaping, etc.). Property management’s duties  include enforcement of the community rules and regulations and maintaining amenities such as clubhouses and swimming pools.