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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024

The Advantages of Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing communities have a lot to offer.

Is it true that they are cost-effective? Yes. Depending on where you live the cost per square foot for a new manufactured home is 10- 30% LESS that a comparable site built home.

These homes are inspected every step of the way, from the first wall that is assembled in the factory to the placement of the home within the residents chosen park. They have all the amenities availed that site built homes have, including granite counter tops, crystal chandeliers and even bay windows.

Another advantage is the owner’s ability to place the home wherever they choose. It may be in a park in the mountains or just miles from the beach. The location that is chosen for the home does not affect the cost of the home itself, although rent for the space the home sits on will differ from park to park.  If in a few years you decide to move from the desert to the ocean you can take your home with you!

Manufactured homes and their communities are a wonderful choice when looking for housing.