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Tuesday, Jul 23, 2024

The Evolution of Manufactured Housing

Living in vehicles that have wheels and can be moved from one location to another brings to mind the early Gypsy Wagons in Europe and Covered Wagons crossing the United States.  It is no surprise that Travel Trailers came on the scene when automobiles replaced horses.  Trailer parks at vacation spots sprung up.  Soon, larger trailers were built to accommodate full time living and mobile home parks provided lots to rent.  The parks built in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in the Southern California region are still around today.  Only a few manufactured housing communities were built in the 80’s and literally none have been built since.  The early developers and owners of mobile home parks share how they would rent a space for a single wide trailer only to have the owner pull the trailer out to move to another park that charged a few dollars lower rent.  That is not happening today.  Many of the old trailers and mobile homes have been replaced with new manufactured homes and mobile home parks are literally being transformed into a manufactured home community.  The new manufactured homes of today are not only well built, but have far more curb appeal than the older mobile homes.