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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024

The Mobility of your Mobile Home

Mobile Homes by definition are mobile. They are built with a chasse and are more often than not placed on a non-permanent foundation. They are secured in place with tie downs. When a person purchases a home and places it on land they own they may choose to anchor the home in a permanent foundation. The majority of mobile home owners rent their lots, and so their homes sit on a non-permanent foundation. This allows their home to be relocated later on if the owner desires.

 Over the years people tend to add things onto their homes, including porches and garages. These “accessory structures” are built around the home and are often rooted directly into the ground. It is this type of structure that is much more difficult to move and a home owner should be conscious of this if they are thinking about moving their home in the future.

 So to the question, how mobile are mobile homes? They are not an RV that can drive away on a whim but they are far more mobile than they appear. Heck there is an entire industry dedicated to moving mobile homes. Go to YouTube and search “moving a mobile home” and you will find hundreds of videos of homes being moved anywhere from across the street to across the country.

 Fee’s for moving depend on the size of your home, distance traveled, permits needed, and if you want the moving company to disconnect and reconnect your utilities. The average full service move in California for a single wide home is $4,000, according to This service includes a move of 60 miles as well as the disconnect and reconnect services. Moving costs can be as low as $700 for a single wide! For more information on moving a mobile home, the costs involved and the permits that might be required you should contact a moving company in your area.