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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024

Time to Address Clean Up Inside & Outside Your Home

It’s that time of year to start focusing
on getting your home clean and organized
– inside and outside. Whether you want to
deep clean, declutter or organize, here are
some quick and easy tips to help you accomplish
your Spring Cleaning goals. Now is the
time to make sure that your parking area and
outside areas are in compliance with your
communities rules and regulations.
• Make a schedule: Evaluate your home and
what areas need the most work. Focus on
what you skip over during routine cleanings
and what you have put off until another time
in your outside carport and landscaped areas,
and start there. Having a plan on what room
and what outside storage and landscape areas
to clean first will keep you focused on the
task at hand.
• De-clutter: Studies have shown that
decluttering makes you more efficient and
keeps you organized. A disorganized home,
porch, storage sheds and carports adds to
your stress level and can take a toll on your
health. In some cases clutter becomes a trip
hazard to you and your family and guests. You
may be surprised at how refreshed you feel
after eliminating clutter from your life – both
inside and outside your home.
• Always Work from Top to Bottom and
Don’t Forget Walls and Windows: People
always remember to clean their floors, but
often forget about the walls and windows.
Keep in mind, not all dust settles on the floor.
When it comes to the windows, hot soapy
water and a squeegee works great, and don’t
forget to remove and wipe down the window
screens outside.
• Kitchen and Bathroom: Clean out the
pantry and refrigerator (throwing out old
items) and clean the appliances inside &
out. In bathrooms be sure to throw away old
toiletries and expired cosmetics.